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Company Update

System Installed Overnight

Editorial in 'South East Business' May 2011 edition

One month out from staging a sophisticated conference for 500 delegates including a gala dinner, our client, Marketing in Partnership, decided that they wanted to use an automated registration system.

The idea was to send out smart cards to all the delegates so that as they walked into the venue they would be registered automatically.

They could then go to any one of thirty touch screens that we built into walls and free standing pods placed around the reception area and throughout the venue. This would give them access to their own personalised agenda, including hotel booking, plenery information, which breakout sessions to attend and its location and a complete list of delegates and staff. It also allowed delegates to send messages to anyone on the list and even set up meetings with them.

Each of the ten breakout rooms had card readers and touch screens giving instant feedback to the client as to who had attended which session and allowing the moderator to know exactly who was in the room at any point in time.

In addition to building the 2 main stage sets both with sound, projection and lighting plus installing screens and presentation support in 10 breakout rooms, the real challenge was to design the system and install all of this within a London Hotel overnight, to be ready for the first delegates arriving at 8am.

Working closely with the software developers our IT Producer designed the network and put a specialist team together to ensure the install went without a hitch.
Our in house set department designed the walls and pods, and had them built and installed within 3 hours ready for the screens to be inserted.

When the client arrived at 6am our 28 strong team had everything, including the bespoke registration desks, the main conference stage, the gala dinner stage and all the breakout rooms, complete and ready for rehearsals.

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