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Company Update

Success in South Africa

January 2012

Over the years Convergence has worked on many events in North Africa but never in the South, then all of a sudden, just like the proverbial London bus, two come along at once within a week of each other.

The first event was originally planned for Marrakesh but due to the terrorist threat and bombings earlier in the year the client switched the venue to Athens. Then with set designs in place and equipment sourced locally, Athens was thrown into disarray with riots and looting as a result of the economic crisis there.  So once again the search was on for a new location.

Finally the decision was made and Cape Town was the chosen venue.  The pressure was now on, with time at a premium, to re-organise all logistics and suppliers.  The event was for 250 delegates  over four days and was held in a 5 star hotel with various activities and offsite dinners in and around Capetown.

Our crew flew in on the Sunday, set up stage, set and AV equipment and were ready for rehearsals on the Monday morning.  The event went seamlessly with four days of presentations from delegates and keynote speakers flying in on a daily basis from all over the world.

This event was followed a week later with another challenge.  Our expertise was called on to assist one of our clients make a huge leap forward with a potentially risky venture which we managed without incident. The client uprooted to Johannesburg for their quarterly company meeting, utilising virtual conference technology, linking up to 50 other locations around the world each participating in the same meeting.  The locations could be viewed at full HD quality and our client was extremely happy that this potentially hazardous venture ran perfectly.

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