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Company Update

The Warp Factor

April 2013

‘Fitting very large images into tiny spaces’

We were recently tasked with having to project images 4m tall by 1.5m wide with only a 2.7m projection distance. Normally, with the widest angle lens available, you would need 3.2m behind the screen for projection, plus the projectors’ size, in order to project a viewable image. However, undeterred by the physical restraints imposed by the venue we employed the use of our Calibre PVPro HD Image Warp. Utilising an xp100 projector ‘at a ridiculous angle’ and to one end of the screen, at a distance of 2.3m the full vertical length of 4m was covered perfectly, in focus and without image distortion.

We are now looking to employ the Calibre PVPro on several forthcoming jobs in the not too distant future, but in entirely different ways, depending on the specific requirements for each individual event. WATCH THIS SPACE!

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