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Problem? No Problem!

May 2013

It sounds like a fairly straightforward challenge, a conference for 400 delegates in a central London venue.

  • Client − “Let’s get creative and have a large central screen, say 7mts wide, and we could do picture in picture”
  • CAV − “Great and why not have a couple of 4mt high portrait screens either side to show animations and presenters”
  • Client − “Sounds great but we have 6 different sponsors”
  • CAV − “Well, we could fly 6 screens down the sides of the room to show all the sponsor mateirial”
  • Client − “Brilliant, but we also need a separate stage set downstairs for a breakfast meeting, along with exhibition stands for each sponsor”
  • Client − “AND I think we should also have a bespoke registration desk with built in screens to display the agenda”
  • CAV − “We can do all of that, this is going to be amazing!“
  • Clients − “Only one problem, YOU only have 4 hours to get this ready for rehearsals!!”............

The key to making this event successful was organisation.

Firstly Convergence designed the stage sets in such a way that we could pre-build them in our warehouse, not only to ensure that everything went together perfectly and permit us to pre−program the show, but also to facilitate full technical rehearsals several days in advance of the event.

Due to the complicated switching requirements we utilised our Vista Spyder X20 to control the show, enabling us to manage the content going to each of the 9 screens with just one compact piece of equipment.

Having completed the rehearsals everything was carefully labled, packed and loaded onto the trucks ready to be delivered to the venue.

The rig schedule was broken down into elements − main set, breakfast set and exhibition, portrait screens, left-hand flying screens, right−hand flying screens, main projection and control, portrait projection, left- hand projection, right-hand projection, lighting, audio, breakfast and exhibition A/V; each element being assigned a team of Technicians with a Team Leader.

Each team, having been thoroughly briefed before arriving at the venue, hit the floor running.

Our meticulous attention to detail in the planning stages and impressive application (as ever) from our teams, resulted not only in all elements being ready for rehearsals on the day of the event, but they were ready with time to spare!

"Thanks for the best yet, a great show − thank you to everyone involved"

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